As promised here is today's workout.  For those of you who missed it,  this is what we all looked like today... well this is what we felt like. ;0
If you couldn't make it you missed out, we had a great workout today.  Hope to see you next year!
This is for your mom kelsi. ;)

In honor of how sexy we all were today we'll call todays workout the Brazillian Bombshell workout.

7 minute warm up.

Start by doing belly dance hip circles.

Roll shoulders

Right leg extensions ankle flex and point leg circles.

Jumps with arm swings

45 minutes total body workout.

Bombshell butt

Squat jumps with medicine ball set it down pick it up jump over it. 50X

Sumo squat drive knee up 50X

Diagonal Touch down with or without weight or ball 50X

Squat with leg raise side to side 50X

Hands on floor legs out and in (plank jacks) 20X


Abs and booty

Diagonal Touch down with weight or ball 50X

Get a mat.

Advanced Side plank for obliques or easy lay on ground touch heels. 25X each side

Bicycle 50X



Tricep pushup 25 X each side

Pushups with medicine ball.  Alternate sides. 25X each side advanced jump to squat for each time you move the ball. 

Dive Bombers 10X

Pike press with ski jumps 10x


Total body

Burpees! 20 X

Mountain climbers with leg cross over.  40 X

Pendulum jumps 15 X

Adv pendulum hands on medicine ball.

Full body exercise combo.  20X - 2 - 10X intervals

Hands on medicine ball. knees to ball.  Pushup.  Squat. Lift ball. Set down. Jump and squat 4X


7 minute cool down.  
yoga type stretches