In a perfect world we all have the will power to avoid the cocktail bar on a diet, but with holiday parties looming which cocktails should I give in to and which ones will take permanent refuge on my booty?

(One beer every night adds up to 1,036 additional calories per week, or 16 pounds to your stomach per year!!)

1. Long Island Iced Tea
Serving Size: ~ 7 oz..
Calories: up to 780
Ingredients: 1 part rum, 1 part gin, 1 part triple sec, 1.5 parts sweet and sour mix, splash of coke

2. Margarita
Serving Size: ~ 8.5 oz..
Calories: up to 740
Ingredients: 4 oz.. limeade (usually premixed), 4 oz.. tequila, .5 oz.. triple sec

3. Piña Colada
Serving size: 6 oz..
Calories: up to 644
Ingredients: 3 oz.. light rum, 3 tbsp. coconut milk, 3 tbsp. crushed pineapples

4. White Russian
(my ultimate cocktail weakness)
Serving size: 5 oz.
Calories: up to 425
Ingredients: 2 oz.. vodka, 1.5 oz.. coffee liqueur, 1.5 heavy cream

5. Brandy eggnog on the rocks

Tis the time of year, I know, but I don't want you flyin blind out there, just think of how much your friends will love having you as their D.D... ok not alluring... how about bomb Christmas presents?
Serving size: 7 oz..
Calories: up to 422
Ingredients: 1.5 oz.. brandy, ¼ oz.. sugar syrup, ¼ oz.. tawny port, 3.5 oz.. milk, ¾ oz. cream, 1 egg yolk, ice cubes, nutmeg

Have I effectively stolen all of the wind out of your Christmas cheer?  Never fear super cocktails are here!


1.  One Shot of Jose Cuervo
Serving size: 1.5 oz..
Calories: 97
Regardless of your tequila brand of choice, one shot of this drink will usually run you 100 calories. These shots may not come with cute little umbrellas or taste like dessert, but it is nice to know exactly what you’re getting.

2. Gin & Diet Tonic

Serving size: 7.5 oz..
Calories: 115 calories
Ingredients: 1.5 oz.. gin, 6 oz.. Diet Tonic
Don't forget the lime.

3. Apple Martini 

Serving size: 3 oz..
Calories: 148 calories
Ingredients: 1 oz.. each of vodka, sour apple and apple juice
Whether you're a Sex and the City fan or Scrubs is more your style, this drink is not only dainty and classy, but it's also a great alternative to those syrupy sweet drinks.

4.  Mojito

Serving size: 6 oz..
Content: 160 calories
Ingredients: 2.5 oz.. light rum, club soda, 1 tsp. limejuice, 2 tsp. sugar, fresh mint sprigs

5. Jägerbomb

Serving size: 6.2 oz.. (if using an 8.4 oz.. can of Red Bull)
Calories: 200
Ingredients: ½ can Red Bull, 2 oz.. Jägermeister
Disclaimer!!!  Drink at your own risk.  This mix of caffeine and alcohol really brings out the douche in the best of us.  The beloved jersey syrum.  Warning!!!  Guidos and jagerbombs are synonymous, if you want to be the salacious Cheeto in the midst of a flock of seagulls, then bring on the jagerbombs!!!  
and don't forget the cheese balls ;)

THE BLOODY MARY!!!  The ultimate elixir of longevity!

Serving size: 10 oz..

Calories: up to 180

Ingredients: 2 oz.. vodka, 8 oz.. V8, dash of Cholula, celery salt, steak sauce, Worcestershire, black pepper, and do not forget the lemon!!
Let's talk about the Vitamin dose your getting here.  V8 is loaded with Vitamin A and Vitamin C, you also get a bit of Calcium and Iron with this drink, not to mention the vitamins in the asparagus or celery you dress it up with. 

On a final note, make sure to squeeze a little lemon into whatever you're drinking... Lemon is not only packed with anti-oxidants, but also gives your liver a boost, you'll be thanking yourself later.