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What is true health?

True health is a state of mind  
It can only exist in a healthy mind

A mind free of guilt, free of regret

Health does not have to be 5 AM gym calls

Health is not about deprivation---starving yourself has a 0% success rate.

Health is not only found in the gym

Health is not only found in Burpees,  

It’s definitely not running you’re a@$ off on the treadmill,
if you’re miserable 95% of the time.

Health is not found sitting on a machine in the back of the gym staring at everyone else.

Health is not only found in a salad. 
Health is definitely NOT found in a Diet Coke
 -low fat dressing,
 -low fat mayo,
 -fat free ice cream
 -or boston cream pie yogurt.

Health is every choice I make

Health is in my hike with my lover,

Health is found in an accomplished to do list,

 A job well-done-


Health is pumping out 10 pushups when, 5 weeks ago, 1 was impossible.

Health is setting a good example

It’s showing your friends you’re doing it…  and you’re starting to like it.

Health is 18,753X more fun than sitting on the couch with a bowl of ice cream and a bag of Cheetos...…FACT!

Health is eating, and eating a lot…

Eating from all the colors of the earth and knowing where your food comes from.

Health is an appreciation of the earth

An appreciation and participation in the processes of nature

It is in being capable and having the athleticism to truly appreciate the earth

Health is biking to work

Health is being kind to friends and strangers alike

Health is spending your free time doing something constructive.

Health is loving yourself just as much as you love your family

It is vocalizing your emotions

Truly being in tune with your body 
Knowing what it needs for fuel

Knowing what it needs to feel

Health is in a connection to your breath.

Health is being that person who always takes advantage of a sunny day.

Health is actively spending your day being grateful

Health is volunteering yourself where you know you are needed

And it’s in knowing you deserve a compliment

Health is found in every choice I make

My life is lived in the pursuit of true-health, and I am infinitely grateful for it!