I love to spend my time creating... anything.  I suppose that's why Personal Training is so enjoyable to me.  I get to participate in the acitve transformation of my clients.  I love to be taken along for the ride through that wonderful journey, each day I see them a slightly improved individual is before me with their head held a little higher, and their smile a little brighter.  That is what I love about my job.  I get to give my clients the tools they needed, but couldn't quite grasp on their own.  It's a creative job for me where I can constantly try new things, challenege myself to be better, and best of all, help create a new and imrpoved happier and healthier individual.  
     I don't know if many of you know this, but I'm also an artist.  I was recently given an opportunity to delve back into that creative side of my brain and I thought I'd share a couple of my favortie pieces.  They inspire me to live up to my talents.  Today I'm inspired to love everything I do, and to challenge myself to create masterpieces.  In the flesh and on canvas... hmm a little corny ;) Sorry..., but sometimes I just gotta be little sentimental, I'm really so proud of my clients.
If you like what you see here you can check out my Art Portofolio at http://carriecoxart.weebly.com/portfolio.html
Contact me if you want me to paint a custom piece for you for a nice holiday gift for a special someone.  The cost will be negoitated based on size and medium.