In an effort to the keep the gut monster at bay, you are determined to do 150 crunches a day till the pooch is gone for good.  With all your good intentions, this will just not fly with your body. That extra flap hanging over your pants has nothing to do with a weak core.  That is body fat my friend, and you cannot target fat loss.  

With exercise we want to get the most bang for your buck.  So instead of kickin it old school with the classic crunch, we want to save your spine and burn more calories.  Try out these dynamic movements that not only target your core, but recruit other muscle groups, like shoulders, legs, and the booty.  You’ll get a workout that’s 3 X as good, in half the time.

Complete this set of 5 exercises 3 X through.  We’re going to do 30 reps, or 30 seconds of each this week.

Crunch substitute # 1:  Mountain Climbers:  Place your hands on the ground, and get into a pike position.  Drive your knees up and down, raising your bum high into the air each time.

Crunch substitute # 2:  Spiderman Lunges:  Get into a downward dog pose.  From there take your right leg up so your foot is placed flat on the ground outside of your right hand.  Reach your forehead to your knee, or as close as it will go.  Be sure not to extend your knee over your toe, keep your shins straight.  Alternate your legs each time.

Crunch substitute # 3:  Pendulum: Place your hands on the ground and get into a pike position.  Swing your right leg out to the side, bring it back to the ground, and now swing your left leg to the other side.  Keep the pace quick, and swing those legs way out to the side.

Crunch substitute # 4:  Stability Ball Plank:  For a variation on the classic plank, simply place your shins on the stability ball.  You should be in pushup position with your hands on the floor, straight out from you shoulders.  Be sure to keep your bum up by pulling your pelvis in. (you can also use a stool if you don’t have a ball)

Crunch substitute # 5:  Stability Ball Pike:  Get into the stability ball plank position.  Roll the ball into your body, keeping your legs as straight as possible.  You want your pelvis to be pointing up toward the sky, and will hopefully resemble an upside down V.

It should only take you 15- 20 minutes to complete this set 3 X through.  You will never have to do boring ineffective crunches again.  Keep up with these regularly, and watch the healthier you take shape.

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